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Fay Hickman - the woman balancing motherhood, Civil Service and her own company!

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Picture of Fay standing on a balcony. Fay has long blonde hair and is wearing a blue dress with a black jacket


Job: Assistant HR Business Partner

Organisation: BEIS

Years in Public Service: 16

My grandmother/mother was a…

My nan worked at Barclays bank in Threadneedle Street and retired when I was 7. I vividly remember going to her retirement party and wish I could have realised the enormity of her success back then.

Despite teaching herself to read and write and being evacuated during World War 2 age 11, she created a career for herself whilst also raising my mum.

My mum entered the Civil Service age 16 and worked as an administrator at the District Valuers office which was near Blackfriars bridge.

She worked there until age 22 when she left to go on maternity leave to have me. She now works for the NHS in Pediatric Physiotherapy.

Collectively they have both inspired me to be a proud working mum, and to believe that I can do a great job at both. They gave me the support and guidance in order to be a confident woman in the workplace and to work hard at something you enjoy.

Me in a paragraph

I started my Civil Service career in the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) in 2002 as a data entry administrator when I was 17. I am currently working in the HR department at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

I moved across in January this year after having spent the majority of my career in the National Crime Agency. I work part time and have a three year old son Bailey. I enjoy yoga, reading and travelling and have a handmade business selling nursery décor which I set up whilst on maternity leave.

My role

I work as an Assistant HR Business Partner for Enterprise and Policy, Delivery and Private Office.

I provide support to these business areas by providing timely interventions to resolve a diverse range of HR issues and queries, bridging the gap between the business and HR, as the interface.

If I had a magic wand, what I would do to accelerate gender equality?

I would make it so that children of both genders are treated equally by parents and childcare provisions. I would ensure toy shops and clothes shops do not have ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ sections or be able to advertise specific toys at either gender.

I would ensure that children were encouraged to play with whatever toys they wish and be able to dress without the ‘typical’ cars/princess type pictures and slogans.

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