Liz-Ann Maria Rodrigues


  • Job: Digital Enterprise Architect
  • Organisation: Department for Transport
  • Years in public service: 1

My grandmother was a…

My grandma was a single parent with 6 children. She was a farmer and grew all kinds of vegetables and fruits. She would sell this home-grown produce in the local village market.

My mum told me stories of the hardships she faced through farming, raising 6 kids and making ends meet. These stories coupled with my upbringing instilled core values of hard work, resilience and independence.

My grandmother would be proud today and get teary-eyed to see how far we have come. In my role as a Digital Enterprise Architect, I make sure any IT services created by our Department are simple and easy to use by everyone.

Me in a paragraph

I joined the Department for Transport in January 2018 as a Digital Enterprise Architect from private sector.

This Digital, Data and Technology profession role allows me to make a difference to people’s lives and help in creating a digital society. This means that every day I know that I am working for the good of others whether I am leading technology transformation within my Department or designing new citizen facing services to make people’s lives easier.

When I am not working technology projects, I champion gender diversity and work on attracting more females in Digital, Data and Technology roles in support of gender diversity.

My role

As a Digital Enterprise Architect, I get pulled into various conversations like:

  • shaping the problem statement (reviewing existing legislation and providing technical input into shaping it, understand directorate objectives and support technology strategy to deliver those objectives, lead open data conversations across Department for Transport),
  • procurement (shape requirements, evaluate potential suppliers),
  • delivery (design solution architecture),
  • delivery assurance (assure supplier’s architecture and technical delivery, support in conversations of project risk and quality, manage technical change) and lastly
  • run the Digital Design Authority Board (to manage technical change).

If I had a magic wand, what I would do to accelerate gender equality?

Make it illegal to pay men more than women. Like Iceland it should be a legislative requirement that companies and government agencies should obtain certification of their equal pay policies. This would allow all men and women to be paid equally and fairly.

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